Dr. John Armstrong over het belang van ventileren tegen luchtweginfecties (jaar 1773)

Pagina’s 22 en 23 van dr. John Armstrongs boek Medical Essays uit 1773 over het enorme belang van ventilatie om luchtweginfecties vermijden of verzachten (pp. 22-23):

ESSAY VIII – Of Ventilation and Fresh Air in Fevers

A constant circulation of fresh air is so necessary, so important in fevers, and all feverish disorders, that it ought to be particularly considered in the construction of all houses. It would be well if, in all the apartments of every house, but more especially in the bed-chambers, the upper sashes of every window were contrived to let down. For by this means the admission of fresh air would at all times be perfectly safe, except during a damp foggy night; as the body, even while under such a sweat as could not without danger be interrupted, may receive all the refreshing, restorative, and invigorating influences of the air, without being exposed to a stream of it. Meantime, where this conveniency is wanting, the best method to supply it is by drawing the bed-curtains close now and then for a few minutes at a time; while a free passage is made to the foul air by opening the doors and windows.

The great importance of fresh air in fevers is not sufficiently considered. The worst fevers, those that approach the nearest to the pestilence, might very probably be produced in a very short time by cramming a number of people in perfect health in a close room. The noxious vapours that fill a sick room, especially in some fevers, are not only offensive but dangerous to those who continue it it for any time. If dangerous to people in health, how detrimental must they be to one opprest and struggling under an enfeebling disease; and ready to expire with insufferable langours! — It is a common thing in a campaign to distribute the sick soldiers amongst whom these malignant fevers prevail, in open barns; where the putrid volatile poison is in a short time dissipated. And in such situations it is surprising how soon they find a relief from the most threatning symptoms; and recover from circumstancs which had they been carefully shut up in a close room must have proved fatal.

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