Nobelprijswinnaar Michael Levitt: ‘This is science which should go on trial’

Wow, biofysicus van Stanford en Nobelprijswinnaar professor Michael Levitt is verwoestend over de abominabele rol die collega wetenschappers hebben gespeeld in deze corona pandemie. De World Health Organization krijgt er ook flink van langs. Sociale media als Facebook en YouTube zijn mede schuldig door hun keuze om alles wat afweek van het WHO standpunt als desinformatie te bestempelen en censureren.

Website Cassandra Voices heeft een artikel geschreven naar aanleiding van een recent Zoom gesprek van Levitt waaraan nog twee Nobelprijs-winnaars deelnamen. Onderaan het artikel kan het hele Zoom gesprek bekeken worden.

Hieronder volgen enkele citaten van Levitt uit het artikel (vetgedrukte tekst van mij):

“One thing that strikes me is … how totally inadequate science structure is for real time science. People are insisting on refereed reports. … The scientists are more panicked and scared by reality than anybody else. … As a group, scientists have failed the younger generation.”

“The worst opposition I got was from very, very prominent scientists, who were so scared that the non-scientists would break quarantine and infect them. There was total panic, and the fact is that almost all the science we were hearing from organisations like the World Health Organisation, was wrong. We had Facebook censoring WHO-contrary views. This has been a disgraceful situation for science … We should have been talking to one another …”

“[Epidemiologists] see their job, not as getting things correct, but as preventing an epidemic. So therefore if they say it is 100-times worse than it’s going to be, then it’s ok. Their mistake was that we listened to them. They said the same thing for Ebola, they said the same thing for Bird Flu, no one shut down for them. We should never have listened to the epidemiologists.”

“This is science which should go on trial. Scientists cannot cause damage like this and refuse to listen. … And the fact is that epidemiology and modelling has been a disgrace. They have not looked at the data. They have been wrong at every turn. We are going to see that although coronavirus is a different disease, the net impact of death is going to be very similar to severe flu and it’s going to be that way without lockdown.”

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